Web Design

Modern web design is about more than just content.  It is about a creative and intuitive presentation of your brand, your services, and, most importantly, of your voice.  At Lukas Works Web & Graphic Design, we create a product that provides a clear and intuitive path to active participation in your business or cause.

Having a good current website that your established customers can use is great, but having a website that helps new customers find you is even better! Your website will reach all modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards to ensure that you reach your target audience.  We’ll work with you to figure out your target market and help you build a comprehensive web presence that, in time, will bring all the right people to your digital doorstep.

FACT: Scientists recently found that 50% of people rank a website’s design as the main factor for determining the authority of an organization.

FACT: 90% of information communicated to the brain is visual.

FACT: A captivating, responsive web design is critical for your business. Lukas Works not only designs great websites, we also create functional experiences and lasting relationships.

Web design services we offer include:

  • Responsive Modern Websites
  • E-Commerce Sites & Population
  • Blog Sites
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Setup
  • Site Maintenance and Aftercare